Scalopus aquaticus Linnaeus

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Problem with Moles
The main complaints we get are:
    Moles are tearing up my yard or flower beds.
    Moles are tearing up my grass.
    Moles create raised tunnels and mounds in your yard.
About Moles
Moles have cylindrical bodies about 6 inches long in length. Moles are coved in fur, their ears are not visible and moles have very small eyes. Moles mostly feed on earthworms and small invertebrates and must eat every couple hours. While they do eat grubs, it is an old wives tale that grubs are the reason that moles are in a lawn; therefore using a grub control product will not be effective.
How to Get Rid of Moles
Memphis based A-1 Wildlife Service offers a trapping program for moles. We will come out and set traps that will actually catch the moles in your yard and flower beds.
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